Francesca the Consumer Essay

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In Dante’s presentation of Francesca and Paolo, we are faced with conflicting feelings surrounding Francesca’s reason for being in the second circle of hell. Dante pities Francesca due to her explanation of being tricked into marriage to the disfigured and uncouth Gianiotto and then falling in love with his brother Paolo. The initial thought of not being able to choose who you fall in love with and following your heart can be quite the love story. Underneath the fairy tale however, comes the true sin in this tale which is adultery thus leading the couple going to hell after death. We can relate Francesca’s story to much of what goes on today in tobacco advertising. Each year tobacco companies spend billions of dollars on advertising and promotions. While flipping through the pages of a magazine, we may be greeted by a seducing woman smoking a cigarette inciting you to join her. Sometimes the ‘perfect’ man may be sitting on a horse with his cowboy hat on, attracting his fellow male viewer to be like him and smoke the brand he smokes. Other times we may see a couple sailing, extremely happy and we’re of course led to believe that it is simply because they are smoking that popular menthol flavored cigarette. If sex doesn't interest you, perhaps the attractive advertisement of your smokes being 100% natural and grown in the USA will strike your fancy. On top of ludicrous advertisements that fail to depict any real consumption of tobacco, companies will reel you in further by offering reward points, buy one get one deals or brand clothing/gifts if you purchase enough of their product. All of these great reasons to smoke bring us to the question of whether the tobacco company is to blame for promoting an unhealthy habit or the consumer. Many people will argue that the tobacco company’s happy advertisements and promotional deals that makes smoking fun and easy are the

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