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France Football Manager The France football manager has to manage his players and lead his team to the aim goal: the victory. Indeed, the manager is efficient if he is able to motivate his group, if everybody want to give his best for the group, for his partners, all the players want to get involve in the team, because they feel good in this team. The Football manager of any national team is the main link with the national and international medias, journalists, TV, papers, population. Managing a national football team could be sometimes more stressful than to manage a big national company. The France football manager needs to be a leader for his team, for his country. I/ Identify the relevant leadership traits and attributes for the role There are several essentials leadership traits and attributes for the role of Football Manager: * Motivational The manager has to keep a good atmosphere in the team, between the players and the staff; keep a good mood in the group; motivate everybody to lead the team to victory. It is important that everybody wants to work together and wants to give his best to reach the goal. Example: Any players have to work in the same way for big tournaments as Euro or World Cup. * Decision-making Obviously this trait is essential. The manager has to constitute his team, choose each player, and he must be able to explain why he took one player and not another, to the journalists and medias. Also he has to decide who will play for the next match. Example: The French team is composed of several football stars, sometimes they play on the same post, so it is difficult to make the decision about who will play and be respected by all the players. * Good communication The manager is the man who talks to the public, to the population through TV, radio and papers. He is the image of the team, so he must use

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