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France Although France was once known as a world power, their perception has changed but not necessarily for the worst. Now France is viewed as one of the most modern nations in the world. The French are in somewhat of a transition between a very nice well to do economy to more of market mechanism economy. With its geographic variety, a culture like no other and history that goes on forever, it’s easy to understand why France is one of the most amazing places in the world. Population and Geography France has a population of over sixty-four million with sixty-two million living in metropolitan France. The French have an average age structure with over sixty-five percent of their population being between the ages of fifteen and sixty-four. The median age is a little over thirty nine and a birth rate of just under thirteen out of one thousand. (CIA Factbook) France is also the largest western European country, about eighty percent the size of Texas. Frances geography covers a larger area than any other European Union member and is actually slightly larger than Spain. “France possesses the second-largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world, covering 11,035,000 square kilometers (4,260,000 sq mi), approximately 8% of the total surface of all the EEZs of the world, just behind the United States (11,351,000 km² / 4,383,000 sq mi) and ahead of Australia (8,232,000 km² / 3,178,000 sq mi).”(Wikipedia) France is a lot like America in that it has a wide variety of landscapes, such as mountains in the south-east to coastal plains in the north and west. The climate in metropolitan France is mild winters to cool summers. Culture The culture of France and of the French people has been shaped by geography, by profound historical events, and by foreign and internal forces and groups. Paris has played a major role in decorative arts since the seventeenth

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