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Curriculum Framework Project Kaydee Short LDG 634 Spring 2012 Subject: Grade: Unit: Length: Current Week:____________ Plan Pacing/ Standard | I Can Statement/Learning Target Type | Assessment Type’s | Differentiation | Technology | 21st Century Skill | Resources | Teachers Notes | Day 1Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | Day 2Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | Day 3Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | Day 4Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | Day 5:Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | When creating this template I used my current weekly lesson plan template as a guide. This template can be modified and adapted to use with all types of content. When looking at the template, at the top you will find the subject, grade, unit, length of the unit, and the week that is currently being taught. The template is broken down over a five-day period. At the top I chose components that I felt would be important to make sure all students were successful. Below you will find rational of why I chose each component. Plan Pacing/I Can Statement This component allows the teacher to plan activities accordingly based on what the students need to learn. Also in this component, I have included the standard that the teacher is addressing during that activity. With having the standard in this component you are able to make sure the activity you are planning is congruent and aligned to ensure the student would be successful. I Can Statement/Learning Target Type: This component I feel is extremely important especially if the “I can” statements are in student-friendly language. The I can statement forces teachers to think through what we want our students to learn during that particular lesson. They also guide the teacher

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