Fragrance Of Roses Essay

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“FRAGRANCE OF ROSES” – Peter Carey 1. Is the old man a sympathetic or unsympathetic character? Does our impression of him change in the story? In the first part of the story, the old man appears to be an extremely sympathetic character, and the author seems to use deep pathos to evoke compassion for him in various instances. This view of his role as a victim of discrimination is emphasised a multiple of times throughout the exposition and rising action of the story. Firstly, the old man is seen to be “tormented” “quietly and determinedly” and he is compared to an “old peasant woman who waited for letters from her son” being teased, which is an extremely sad situation to imagine. This imagery of the old man being like the old peasant woman strikes a chord with the reader and appeals to the pathos quite deeply, and causes us to feel sympathy for the character. However, although the old man is viewed to be a sympathetic character for the most part of the story, our opinion of him is greatly threatened and perhaps even overturned, as we realise at the climax of the story, that he is the former commandant of Auschwitz, in charge of the concentration camps aimed at extermination of the Jewish race. This causes us to feel unsympathetic towards the old man in the resolution as his hard work goes to waste when the villagefolk use his dearly cultured black rose as a front of a cheap colour postcard instead of holding it in the true high regard that it was due as a great scientific breakthrough, because his manipulation of the breeds of roses and the hybridization of them is seen to be just another form of control of life by the man responsible for the deaths of so many human beings. 2. What is the significance of the title? Why is it ironic? The title, “Fragrance of Roses” is significant as it gives the reader a hint that the story is going to be sweet and

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