Fragments and Run-Ons Essay

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Attachment #6 Grammar Worksheet on Fragments Fragments and Complete Sentences A complete sentence includes a subject and a verb and expresses a complete idea. A sentence fragment lacks a subject or a verb or both, and does not express a complete idea. Fragment The stories of many cultures. Sentence The stories represent many cultures. Fragments can occur when a writer ends a sentence too soon. Incorrect Reading such stories can be fascinating. And informative. Correct Reading such stories can be fascinating an informative. Exercise: Recognizing and Correcting Fragments If an item includes two complete sentences, put a check mark by the number. If it includes a sentence and a fragment, correct the fragment. 1. Doris Lessing wrote African Stories. Many of these reflect her life in Rhodesia. 2. The relationship between men and women is among her chief concerns. And the subject of many of her stories. 3. Other works explore the search for self. Particularly a women’s search. 4. Some of her newer works are quite different. Some, for example, are science fiction novels. 5. Mara and Dann is set in Africa. After a new age has gripped the Northern Hemisphere. DEVELOPING WRITING SKILLS: Locating and Correcting Fragments and Run-ons. If a numbered item contains an error, rewrite it to make it correct. If it does not contain an error, write correct. (1)The Census Bureau counts the American people. Once every ten years. (2) Each decade, every man, woman, and child is counted, tabulated, and translated into statistics, they tell us the average income of Americans, the percentage of female graduates, the typical life span, and many other vital pieces of information. (3) Important decisions result from these census profiles. Apportionment for the federal legislature, as well as distribution of sought-after federal funds. (4) Some advertising companies even

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