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Karenlee Saldana August 20th, 2013 English 112 Final paper Topic: “Fracking” Question: What are the impacts of extraction activities on the environmental and human health? Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a drilling method used to extract oil or natural gas from deep in the Earth (Bamberger). In the fracking process, cracks in and below the Earth's surface are opened and widened by injecting water, chemicals, and sand at high pressure. Hydraulic fracturing takes place over 2 to 5 days potential 25-40 year lifetime of a well. Meaning that you can use the same well to do hydraulic fracturing for a life plan of 25-40 years (Bamberger). America holds large natural gas resources in coal-beds, shale, and tight…show more content…
I have learned that the use of toxic chemicals during the fracking process and the occurring release of toxic chemicals and radioactive materials during well processing is bad for the environment. Such as, Naphthalene, Xylene, Toluene, Methylbenzene, and Formaldehyde, are all known or suspected to be human carcinogens (Schmidt). Also Hydraulic fracking hurts the environment by the contaminating the water wells, and springs, in which many humans and animals drink from. Another environment impact of hydraulic fracturing is air pollutions. Finally the way fracking impacted animal and human health. For example; chronic dizziness, headaches, abscessed teeth, or other mouth problems, and neurological problems after drilling started near their homes. Overall fracking is not going to stop because it is making many of the gas companies’ money. Even with good facts/studies that fracking is causing the effects reflected on this paper are true, and…show more content…
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