Fracking Persuasive Speech

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Do You Know What You’re Drinking? How Fracking Pollutes Our Water, and How We Can Stop it Energy fuels are becoming harder to find in recent years. We now mostly depend on foreign oil from our enemies in the Middle East. Scientists are trying to come up with alternatives to oil and coal, and have come up with a controversial solution. Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is a method of harnessing energy by drilling beneath the surface and releasing gas from shale rocks. Workers do this by injecting a mixture of chemicals, sand and water into the ground under high pressure, causing the rocks to explode. The shale gas then rises out of the well, similar to how an oil rig works (BBC News, “What is fracking and why is it controversial?” 1). However, fracking causes a huge problem with the environment, especially fresh water for sustaining life. The harmful effects of fracking need to be stopped, but only if we understand what damage occurs during this process so that we can come up with solutions to save drinking water. While groundwater is contaminated by many environmental factors such as automobile exhaust, evidence has suggested that fracking is also responsible for the pollution. According to John Manuel, a regular contributor to the online journal Environmental…show more content…
This is the result of methane gas from nearby shale-gas wells making its way into our drinking water. The best video of this happening is called “Light Your Water On [sic] Fire from Gas Drilling, Fracking” that shows farm owner Sherry Vargson lighting her kitchen faucet on fire twice with matches. Before the video ends, she also demonstrates how water contaminated by large amounts of methane appears cloudy and fizzes like soda in a clear glass immediately after filling up
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