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Joe Thielen M/W 10:30-11:45 Philosophy 12 13 May 2013 Fracknation Ann McElhinney, the director of Fracknation, could be described as a very passionate anti-environmentalist. She did not talk very long before or after the movie due to (as she put it) “the movie pretty much sums it up”. The movie is about the truth of the process of fracking. Fracking is the process of drilling into shale in the ground and pumping water into the shale to release gas, which we could not normally reach. This process is a potential solution to the current gas crisis. The truth needs to be brought up because of a movie that came out beforehand called Gasland. Gasland is the reason that fracking has been banned in almost every state in America. Gasland tries to convey the premise that fracking is extremely bad for the environment. Josh Fox (the director of Gasland) explains that fracking pollutes the water in the wells around the area of the frack site. Gasland explains its problems in a totally non-scientific way with no backup data to support the claims it makes. Fracknation is mostly about how Gasland is wrong showing many scientific experiments that prove that fracking is harmless to the environment and people. McElhinney then went on after the movie to answer some questions about the movie and generally went off each answer about how this and that are evil and corrupt. She was very passionate about what she was talking about calling environmentalists environment hating, people hating, and communists. She would go off about how poverty is evil and it is not a lifestyle of some may think. She said that if the victims of poverty had any choice they would come to the US and live the American dream. This may seem completely off topic but she explains why she brought this up. She then goes on to explain that if environmentalists were not so uptight about everything that we could

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