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CHAPTER 16: THE SOUTH AND THE SLAVE CONTROVERSY "Cotton is King!" 1. What is meant by "Cotton is King?" How did its sovereignty extend beyond the South? What implications did its rule have? After the cotton gin was invented, growing cotton became more profitable and easier, and more slaves were needed. The north transported the cotton and the south made the cotton. The Planter "Aristocracy" 2. In what ways was the south "basically undemocratic?" In the South, aristocrats widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Slaves and the Slave System 3. What were the weaknesses of the South's dependence on cotton? Southerners resented the Northerners who got rich at their expense while they were dependent on the North for clothing, food, and manufactured goods. The White Majority 4. Why did many whites who did not own slaves support slavery? Whites who did not own slaves supported slavery because they all hoped to own slaves one day and they didn’t want to be at the very bottom of their social class. Free Blacks: Slaves Without Masters 5. Would it have been better to be a free Black in the North or in the South? Explain. In the south because in the north, they were so unpopular that several states denied their entrance. Plantation Slavery 6. "...planters regarded slaves as investments [like a mule]...." Explain what was positive and what was negative about this situation for slaves. Slaves were considered an investment and were treated more kindly but, had more dangerous jobs. Life Under the Lash 7. Give evidence to show that slaves developed a separate, unique culture. What circumstances made this possible? For slaves, life meant hard work and no civil or political rights. Laws that tried to protect slaves were difficult to enforce. The Burdens of Bondage 8. Thomas Jefferson once said that having slaves was

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