Foxconn’s Case

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Foxconn’s Case 2010 is one of Apple’s best years. With the help of its pioneers: iPhones, iPods and iPads, the Apple Inc. is able to grasp the initiative in the industrial competition and establish a so-called Apple empire. But 2010 is also someone’s darkest time. The establishment of a great nation always requires “sacrifices”, which in Apple’s case, are its frontline assembly workers in China. Most of Apple products’ gadgets are manufactured by a Chinese company named Foxconn. A SACOM report indicates that there are 17 Foxconn workers committed suicide in the first 9 months of 2010. According to the SACOM report and another article from The Guardian, Foxconn workers are working under extreme conditions. The Foxconn workers are reported to be treated unfairly in many ways, “not permitted to talk, nap, laugh or stretch while they work. Those required to stand while working are instructed to stand like a soldier. Foxconn security guards often insult and sometimes physically attack the workers” only reveals a part of them. Additionally, the Foxconn workers are working much longer than average while getting monthly payment that are only barely above the minimum wage. Every time the production quota has not been met, the workers will be 'required' to work overtime without getting reasonable extra payment. All Foxconn workers are forbidden to talk to journalists, and completely obey of the management is the number one rule disregard whether the managers are qualified or not. After the serial suicides of Foxconn workers are reported, the Foxconn Company and the Apple Inc. are exposed to condemnations from the whole society, mostly from the moral level. From my perspective, the major issue is the company’s management operates the company under the premise of maximizing profit regardless of the deficiency of corporate moral responsibility. I personally stand on the

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