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Fox Squirrel Edgard J Norori American Military University Introduction to Biology with Lab SCIN130 Francesca Catalano, JD, Ph.D February 5, 2015 Abstract Sciurus niger as is known to scientist or Fox Squirrel as is commonly known to the general population is a very interesting organism found mainly in North Carolina. As one of the largest and colorful tree squirrel, it lives in large pine-oak forest. This creature can also be found in the eastern and northern and southern United States. In North Carolina, it exhibits different behavior than that found in other part of the U.S. Generally, eastern fox squirrel are active during the day with a diet consisting mostly of green shoots and buds, fruits, berries, corn, incents and moths. The fox squirrel stores food for use in the winter and locates its stashes using its keen sense of smell. Normally, this organism mate any time of the year, but is peak in December and June. Fox Squirrel The eastern fox squirrel found in Eastern North Carolina is the biggest in North America. The scientific name for this organism is Sciurus niger. It is a relative large squirrel with a long, bushy tail and different colors and patterns ranging from gray to black to red. Fox squirrels favors mature longleaf pine forest, and also live in other habitats like big mature loblollies, and urbanized locations. This type of squirrel spends most of the time foraging and running about on the ground and may found in fields quite far from any trees. Fox squirrels are found throughout the eastern and central United States, south into northern Mexico and north into Canada. Largely solitary animals across their geographic range, they can congregate during mating season. Fox squirrels, like other squirrels, use trees from predators. They are fast and agile in the trees so much so that it seems that they could practically defies

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