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Fox News attacks Black America Imagine coming home from work or school after a long day. You are tired and want to relax, so you sit down and turn on your television. As you are flipping through the channels, you stop on a news program where the show’s host and a politician are having a heated debate. You watch for a few minutes and then out of nowhere, the host makes an insensitive comment about your race. As you sit there in disbelief about what you just heard, the host says “that’s all for tonight, see you next week”. This is what African Americans go through with the television network known as Fox News. Not only does the network have programs with hosts and correspondents that have repeatedly attack the black community, they also have a website and a radio station that is just as insensitive.…show more content…
O'Reilly doesn’t realize that most black people have been put into situations where their race automatically targets them as a source for belittlement. Comments like "and he speaks so well," indicates the assumption that most black people don’t speak very well. A headline on the Fox News website said “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs”. It featured a picture of basketball legend Charles Barkley, Comedian Chris Rock, and rapper Jay-Z. Although Jay-Z is a hip hop artist, he did not perform at the barbeque. The writer of the article also didn’t take into account that people of other races attended the event also. To come out and classify Obama’s cookout as a “Hip Hop BBQ” is straight out racist. These comments and others made by the people that work at Fox News should not be tolerated. Although the second amendment protects these people, it is wrong to use their freedom of speech to bash another race on the media. Television viewers should not watch this network and boycott anything that has to do with Fox
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