Fowler and Pyle

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FoPg. 86-88: Fowler and Pyle argue about the philosophies behind war. Discussion. Fowler believes that the people just want to live, they are not interested in communism or what the government is telling them. However, Pyle thinks the complete opposite to that statement. * What kind of conflict is depicted in the section? Interpersonal conflict is depicted * Who is involved in the conflict? Pyle and Fowler are involved in the conflict * What led to the conflict? The car ran out of petrol, therefore they had to escape into the nearby tower. From there they began to discuss the philosophies behind war. * What was the aftermath of the conflict? Fowler hurt his leg from falling down the ladder due to the explosion from the Vietnam’s. * How are the characters affected by this conflict? They become aggravated towards each other * How do the characters respond to the conflict? “I don’t take sides. I’ll be reporting, whoever wins” said by Fowler. * How do they cope with the conflict? They continue the discussion * What do the characters say about the conflict? A conflict ignites between the two after the discussion. Pg. 88 “I’ve no particular desire to see you win.” said by Fowler. * Who is to blame for the conflict? Pyle * Does this conflict relate to your own life? In a sense, as they are arguing about which side is right, this can relate to arguing about the football and which team is better. * What is the author saying about conflict in describing this incident? You must fight and create conflict in some instances for a change to occur * How does the authorial choices about language and structure help to convey particular views of conflict? The authors choice of language and structure increases our knowledge and gives us an insight of how Pyle and Fowler feel about the war in Vietnam and how what their morals
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