Fourwinds Marina Essay

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I.Analysis and Summary of the Situation The Fourwinds Marina has had six different managers in the six years that it has been open. Most of these managers lacked experience in the marina business. The most recent manager had a good deal of marina experience, but was often overworked and the owner of the company rescinded his offer to give unlimited funds to get the marina in better shape. Further unrelated issues terminated this relationship. The current issues that the new manger, Jack Keltner, face are determining how best to make changes to operations to make the company more profitable and where to get the necessary funds. The mission of the Fourwinds Marina is to provide residents of Indiana a safe place to store, rent, and sell boats throughout the year at a reasonable cost. Their goals and strategies thus far have been to work hard and recently they have started to keep better track of revenues and expenses. The Fourwinds Marina values hard work as the company stays especially busy April through September. The main stakeholders in Fourwinds Marina are Sandy Taggart, William Brennan, and Richard DeMars. Other shareholders include the employees, customers, and the government as they lease the land that Fourwinds Marina is located on and set the slip rates. Changes that are being looked into would improve customer service and the services offered so both the employees and customers should embrace the changes. The investors will be more hesitant to implement changes as it will cost them money. In the long run the changes should help the company become more profitable, but it will be an uphill battle to convince the investors that more funds are necessary as they have previously withdrawn funds for change. As long as the slip rates are not changed the government will not object to changes. The Fourwinds Marina has many strengths. The resort atmosphere

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