Four Yoga Paths

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University of Phoenix Material Four Yogic Paths and Jainism Worksheet Complete the table by comparing the forms of Hinduism and contrasting them with Jainism. | |Jnana Yoga |Karma Yoga |Bhakti Yoga |Raja Yoga |Jainism | | |The spiritual |The spiritual |The spiritual |The “royal” |Teaches the | | |discipline of |discipline of |discipline of |discipline of |immortality and | |Explain the Meaning |knowledge and insight|selfless action |devotion to a deity |meditation and |transmigration of the | |of the Name | | |or guru. |control over one’s |soul and denies the | | | | | |mind |existence of a perfect| | | | | | |or supreme being. | | |express philosophical|Focuses on the |Purify one’s self by |To purify one’s mind |The universe is | | |and religious ideas |adherence to duty |making us to look |from worldly troubles|eternal and goes | |Explain the Basic |that arose in |(dharma) while |outward, beyond |through meditation |through cycles of rise| |Concepts |introspective and |remaining detached |ourselves, to another| |and fall. Our | | |meditative traditions|from the reward |object of affection | |existence is just a | | | | | |
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