Four Types of Love

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Rita DiNatale English 101 BC5 Dr. Fertig November 2, 2012 When people hear the word love, they tend to think automatically think about romance. In other words, they think of the connection between two people that they share for the rest of their life. Many people do not open their minds to break down the word love into different types. Not only that but they also do not take the time to differentiate them from one another. There are multiple forms of love in the world that should be recognized such as Storge love, Philia love, Eros love, and Agape love. When a child grows up within a specific community, the love they have for that community is known as Storge love, or affection. This is seen in connections between close friends, family, and even animals. The image we should start with in our minds, is that of a mother nursing her baby or a cat with her kittens, all nuzzling together, purring, licking, milk, warmth and the smell of new life. This type of love is similar to Agape, but is not nearly as deep. This is the natural affection we show for every day things so it cannot be controlled. The second type of love is Philia. Philia love is the love between friends. The bond between two or more people is strong and usually exists through common interests. Philia, while similar to Eros, does not consist of the desire and erotic sensations that Eros is famous for. It entails a fondness and appreciation of the other. It is about maintaining the friendly relationships within your immediate circle. This type of love tends to be motivated because the friendship is beneficial to one or both of the people involved. This is the kind of love that we are most familiar with because we exercise it so often. We interact with these friends that we love on a daily basis so we are constantly exposed to it, which is what makes it so important. To go a bit deeper,
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