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Four Seasons Case Analysis Four Seasons Hotels operates in the market of midsized luxury hotels and resorts and is considered one of the world leaders. The ability to earn profit in the industry highly depends on the extent to which companies can maximize RevPAR, while minimizing their costs, such as employee to room ratio, without compromising on the quality of service provided to the customers. Four Seasons succeeded to bring its RevPAR 32% higher than its major competitors in the US and 27% higher than its competitors in Europe . Company’s strategy is based on three major elements: operate high quality properties in the best locations in the world, provide outstanding customer service, offer tailor made hotels according to customer needs. In order to provide exceptional service to its customers Four Seasons developed a clear set of rules and standards. In contrast to other companies, Four Seasons doesn’t see its philosophy as a simple set of rules, but rather perceives it as an action plan and rationale standing behind every step company’s employees make. This action plan is applicable to all levels of company’s hierarchy. The company made sure that its core service standards are clearly articulated and presented to the employees. Four Seasons management sets clear expectations from the employees on their first day at the company and thus prevents potential misunderstandings in the future. One of the critical steps, on the way of implementing Four Seasons corporate strategy, was to ensure that employees are accountable for their actions, as well as for overall success or failure of the company. While clear and comprehensive set of standards is required to increase company’s ability to maintain high level of service, it might hurt company’s ability to be flexible and adjust to variety of customers’ needs. Four Seasons took this issue into

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