Four Seasons Essay

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1. The Four Seasons Hotels are a place of wonder, beauty, and the utmost luxury. They are state of the art hotels that hold nothing back for full customer enjoyment. For example, the Sydney hotel is one of the most trafficked and stayed in within the company, and is not within the case study. The Four Seasons hotel brand is known for its up market elegance, and its Sydney property, perched in a skyscraper above Circular Quay with views over the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It becomes difficult to decide whether to be most impressed by the incredible views, the excellent personalized service, the top-notch business facilities or the clever, thoughtful room design. The Four Seasons was well known for its service-oriented culture. Everything they did was all about the customer and making their experience the best possible. But to do this, Four Seasons had to have a corporate culture to back what they believed. Many employees of the Four Seasons looked at their managers and co-employees as a “family” (Bowen, 80). They had strict rules and regulations, but were focused on people. When the Four Seasons had to fire and employee, it went through a due process, even offering counseling, so there were no surprises (Bowen, 84). Everything they did was focused on customer service, through every part of the organization (Bowen, 80). The Four Seasons’ corporate culture focused on the little details, on perfection for the customer and its employees. For example, all employees’ uniforms are to be immaculate, which creates a better sense and feeling for the customers, and Four Seasons provide several sets of uniforms for their employees, which helps the employee abide by the regulations (Bowen, 82). So in this case everyone wins, because the customers and employees remain happy, and management and corporate remain happy. Working for Four Seasons is more than just a job,
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