Four P's of Marketing: Coca Cola

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Coca-Cola: A Global Marketing Leader Coca-Cola, the once cocaine-containing American spiritualistic symbol has had a legacy full of historic milestones and equally significant downfalls. Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy flawlessly utilized the four P’s which are essential in any successful strategy. Product, the most vital of the four P’s, involves what is being sold and must be innovative in order to appeal to the desired target market. The second of the four P’s, price, includes the cost of a product and must reflect what the target market can accommodate and what is beneficial for the company itself. Place, another of the four P’s, consists of where the product will be sold or offered and how it will be distributed. The last of the four P’s, promotion, is critical in creating product demand and recognition and in shaping the company’s reputation. Since the implementation of the four P’s in a marketing strategy, the Coca-Cola Company has been one of the most triumphant companies to employ this strategy. The first step in a company’s marketing strategy is to develop a desirable product or service, a major component of the four P’s of marketing. The Coca-Cola Company’s signature product, a tonic derived from the cocaine containing coca leaf and the cola nut, was invented by John Pemberton in 1865 in Atlanta, Georgia. Not long after its conception, the drink became popular because of the small amount of cocaine, which was later removed to allow for mass consumption, and for its painkilling, energizing and refreshing properties. The ingredients which produce these desirable effects are shrouded in mystery since the recipe is only known by three people at one time. After John Pemberton’s great find of red barrels to hold his product, red became Coca-Cola’s universally recognized colour and the hobble skirt bottle its trademark bottle shape. Since Coca-Cola’s humble

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