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Four Loko The Rise, the Fall, and the Reincarnation. BY: Tim Garra & Perry Llanes 1 – Planning Objective - In 2005, Chris Hunter, Jeff Wright, and Jaisen Freeman, three Ohio State students, made a harmonious decision to introduce a caffeinated, alcoholic energy drink with malt liquor as its base. The trio came up with the idea for the beverage after “noticing that students were mixing alcohol and caffeine in bars. They decided on the name, “Four Loko”, because of the four main ingredients – alcohol, caffeine, taurine, and guarana – and loko, although spelt differently means “crazy” in Spanish. The team formed manufacturer Phusion LLC, and began selling 23-ounce cans of Four Loko at stores around the college. Between 2007 and 2009 Four Loko slowly made headway around the United States, eventually becoming available in 46 American states and in Europe. Production – Phusion Products set up a virtual office out of a U.P.S. mailbox near Freeman’s Chicago apartment. Production of their new caffeinated malt beverage was outsourced to the same contract brewery that makes Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The initial run was financed in part by a $100,000 investment from parents and friends, and by $50,000 in credit card debt. Identifying problems – The mixture of alcohol and caffeine. In September 2010, New Jersey's Ramapo College banned the drink After a Four Loko- infused bender sickened 17 students and six visitors. The next month, Nine students at Central Washington University were hospitalized after mixing excessive amounts of Four Loko with other alcohols. By November even more colleges were banning the popular drink after blame was put on Four Loko for a number of fatal incidents. After a wave of alcohol poisonings tied to Four Loko consumption, the F.D.A. demanded the immediate withdrawal of all alcoholic energy drinks In a study published in

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