Four In One Essay

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FOUR IN ONE Zeeshan Ahmed.T(1) Ramanathan.C (2) 1.Department of civil engineering, II-Year’B’. 2. Department of civil engineering, II-Year’B’. ABSTRACT: We have seen that in most of the rural as well as urban areas there are many places occupied by beggars and they may even create some problems to our country. They may even choose wrong paths to earn money for their food and shelter. We have planned many things to eliminate this problems and also poverty but we have failed it to do so. We have even failed in planting more trees to save our environment and we need some good workers to do this work. We are also deciding more things to educate the poor children who are below poverty line. Our government also failed in providing the proper shelters and food to the people below poverty line. We can relate all these problems and can plan a better idea which will be effective than the previous ideas. First of all we can form a group of volunteers to serve people. So we have planned to construct a huge residential building with large space area in the outskirts of the city so that the cost of land should be economical and also that the surrounding area should be empty. After constructing this we can call all the people from that city who are below poverty line and who can’t afford their daily cost. There will be nearly more than 200 people. We should make them to come by promising to provide them food, shelter and to educate their children. We can give them shelter in that building. And by sure there may be some women in that group of people who know to cook food. We can choose the ten women for the food department. Now providing of shelter and food will get completed. We can educate all the children in that group by arranging the faculties from our groups so that every child can get better education

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