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LIBERTY SEMINARY UNIVERSITY AMERICA’S FOUR GODS A REFLECTION PAPER IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THEO 626 DOCTRINE OF GOD FOR DR. DANIEL MITCHELL BY KELLY ZELAYA 21 OCTOBER 2013 Froese, Paul and Bader, Christopher, America’s Four Gods. New York, New York:Oxford University Press, 2010. I found this reflection very difficult to write. Understanding the different levels of God and applying them to my life took a lot of inner analysis. The question posed for the assignment asked students to reflect on the question, “Why God?” Specifically, the question is related to the general understanding of the biblical God and how God is perceived in your personal experience, church, and community. In what way(s) did you resonate with the authors’ research and conclusions? I have come to the conclusion that I am still new to Christianity and learning the various levels in which God plays, as well as those levels in which I react to Him. I researched the book a little more and came across the website by the authors for the book, The information was broken a little easier for me to understand and apply. I feel that I am at a stage where God is an Authoritative God. I believe that He does punish those that are not following in the path that He has destined for them. I believe that to continually sin is to face God’s wrath. A wrath that could be as simple as facing turmoil or tragedy in your life or in the life of a loved one. On page 66 there is a chart that shows morality of hot-buttons. I agree with each of those categories and where they lie under the Authoritative God column. Our Bibles, which are the ultimate guide to the life that God wants for each of us, tells us how to live our lives. God created man and woman so that they would have each other as partners, the same as each animal. God stated that one should not stray from

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