Four Functions of Managment Essay

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There are many way to define the term management and even more ways to interpret its connotation. In general, the term management is referred to as one, or a group of people, actively engaged in the four following areas; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. To better understand management one must be able to accurately define its four sections and how it relates to his or her own organization. Management is loosely described as creative problem solving. This inventive crisis avoidance is performed using the four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The projected effect is the use of an organization's assets in a way that completes its duty, reinforces its mission statements, and meets organizational objectives. The first facet of management is also its foundation. Planning is the continuing progression of developing a business' undertaking and objectives as well as formulating how they will be carried out. Planning within an organization includes responsibilities such as, preparing goals and standards, identifying and utilizing resources, and creating infrastructures and procedures. The primary function of planning is just that, to plan. This process outlines and makes known the numerous processes that are used to get from point A to point B from the smallest daily tasks to the most involved ongoing ventures. Even in all its importance, planning would be fairly useless without organizing and organization. Organizing is viewed as planning and activities used to collect and configure resources in order to implement organizational plans in a highly effective and efficient fashion. Organizing is a broad set of activities, and often considered one of the major functions of management. Therefore, there are a wide variety of topics in organizing. The following are some of the major types of organizing required in a

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