Four Concepts To a Marriage Essay

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Race, background, religion and education: could these four key factors have an altering effect on marriage? I think it can be argued that race, religion and education can all be molded from ones background. Background is the molding of your entire life up until your current time. Background can be how you were raised or it can be where you came from and the friends you had. It is hard for me to discuss what background when I feel that it is a broad topic and too difficult to pinpoint what it is exactly. My family raised me to marry the same race. I personally do not feel that a marriage can fail from different races. Race is just the color of one’s skin. The only probable cause that could break up a marriage would be if a partner’s family disagreed with the biracial marriage. A family could create an issue to inflict a marriage. Education can be a negative component to a marriage if the male or a competitive female had the lower amount of education. A male or a headstrong female could feel intimidated or insecure toward the partner with a better education. I believe that partners having different religions could change the situation of their relationship only when bringing in a third party. If partners are together in the first place, they must have already agreed upon their partner attending to their own religion. Now if they were to have a child then that could stir up a conversation on what the religion the child will attend. On the other hand, their parents could disapprove of their lifestyle of opposing religions. To conclude I believe that marriages can only be affected by these four issues if they do not agree upon how to handle their opposing

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