Four Categories Essay

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Ebony Foreman Four Categories Everest March 10, 2014 There are four categories of human environmental hazards. These four hazards are cultural, biological, physical and chemical hazards. I will give you a brief summary of each and some examples of them each also. Cultural hazard are what we sometimes bring on ourselves. We sometimes engage ourselves in risky behavior because we are willing to take the risk thinking it will not harm us. 35 percent of deaths can be traced back to cultural hazards. If we stop the risky behaviors, cultural hazards could be preventable. Some examples that we engage in is smoking, drinking, drugs, alcohol, driving unsafe and sometimes have unsafe sex. We sometimes do these things for pleasure and to take our minds of things that are going on in our lives, not realizing the risk we are taking. The second environmental hazard is biological which is the battle with pathogenic bacteria and viruses. This begun in Europe in the middle ages and was killing a lot of people. Smallpox is one that swept through the world but things then took a turn for the good. In the 19th century they came up with the first vaccination for some but it’s still not over and will never be. I say that because there are still so many different things out there such as fungi, viruses, worms any many others. I know they say it would never be over but I wish it was a way to do away with all of these types of hazards. Physical hazard is the third one which is natural disasters. This includes tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides any
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