Four Asian Tigers Essay

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| The four Asian Tigers | International Business | SOE09102 | | 40069780 | 3 November 2011 | Content Page Introduction. 1 1. Singapore. 2 1.1. Risks 2 A. Political risks. 2 C. Cultural risks. 4 D. Ethical Risks. 5 1.2. Opportunities 5 2. South Korea. 8 2.1. Risks 8 A. Political risks. 8 B. Economic risks. 10 C. Cultural risks. 12 D. Ethical risks. 12 2.2. Opportunities 12 3. Recommendations. 14 4. Bibliography. 15 Introduction. The four Asian tigers are 4 Asian countries that have high incomes levels, high standards of living and the highest growth rate in the world. The four countries are Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong-Kong. They are key economies for international Business and an outlet for foreign direct investments. Through this report, I will try to identify which of the two countries I have chosen to tackle seems to be the most interesting in terms of investments for a British food retailer. The two countries I have decided to develop are Singapore and South Korea. The first is a leader in the financial sector whereas the second is a leader in the manufacturing information technology sector. After analyzing the risks and the opportunities that each country offers, I will conclude this report by giving a recommendation for potential food retailer companies. 1. Singapore. 1.1. Risks A. Political risks. Singapore’s political system takes the form of a Parliamentary Republic. The President is the head of the state and the Prime Minister the head of the government. The three government branches (legislature, executive and judiciary) are separated. Singapore is seen as a hybrid regime by the Democracy Index because even if it is a multi-party system, only one party has nearly all the power and that is a sign of

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