Founding Mothers Essay

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Founding Mothers “Why is Founding Mothers an appropriate title?” We always read and hear things about our founding fathers, and how great they were to the establishment of the New World, but why is it that we never acknowledge the women who worked just as hard as the men? Colonial women fought against inequality between men and women in the New World. They endured many kinds of setbacks for the good of the colony. Also, they set up all the groundwork for future women to follow, constantly working doing household chores or jobs around their towns. In a completely undeveloped and hardly populated land, women’s traditional work set up the basis for life in America. They provided food, clothing, shelter, and hygiene essentials; basically, everything needed for survival. Colonial women knew that to survive in a new place, you must think of the future and plan ahead. They realized the need to establish laws, towns, churches, and schools. Women were a vital part of all permanent settlements, and they should be recognized for that. Colonial women suffered through many hardships to become part of the New World. Their bravery and stamina in colonial times distinguished their amount endurance from the men. Women who came to the New World on lengthy boat trip often faced the issue of catching disease, and on top of that, the survival rate in America was not that high. Colonial women were expected to bear many children, further increasing their difficulty to do their routine activities. Now, despite how much these females worked, they never had this run-down, or tired look about them. They held themselves with pride, and gladly carried their guns into the woods to hunt down their next meal. Colonial women preformed everyday jobs and chores for little or no pay, without hesitance or complaint. All women did general work called “housewifery,” and were expected to do the
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