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Founding Fathers Essay

  • Submitted by: jahn
  • on November 16, 2011
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Founding Fathers Reconsidered
The United States of America was founded by numerous amounts of immigrants and foreigners. Many were hard working men and women that wanted to escape the scrutiny and conviction of their beliefs. For every tyrant, there are revolutionaries who wish change for the common good. These revolutionaries helped to make this country what it is today. The Founding Fathers of America were political leaders and statesmen, who participated in the American Revolution by signing the Declaration of Independence, fighting in the Revolutionary War, and establishing the Constitution. There were many people who helped to shape the nation, but the seven key Founding Fathers were: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and our first president, George Washington. The Founding Fathers tried to solve an amazing array of problems, with mixed results. Some problems they managed to solve; some they acknowledged that they could not solve and left to future generations; and some they didn’t even see.
One of the major issues the Founding Fathers attempted to solve was slavery. Even though the issue of slavery is often raised as a discrediting charge against the Founding Fathers, the historical fact is that slavery was not the product of, nor was it an evil introduced by, the Founding Fathers; slavery had been introduced to America nearly two centuries before the Founders. As President of Congress Henry Laurens explained:
I abhor slavery. I was born in a country where slavery had been established by British Kings and Parliaments as well as by the laws of the country ages before my existence. . . . In former days there was no combating the prejudices of men supported by interest; the day, I hope, is approaching when, from principles of gratitude as well as justice, every man will strive to be foremost in showing his readiness to comply with the Golden Rule ["do unto others as you would have them do unto you"...

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