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Foundations Of Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: lisajane1970
  • on August 30, 2011
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Foundations of Psychology
August 25, 2011
Lisa Lanier
University of Phoenix
Lorrie Cooper

      There are many different schools of thought and study within the field of psychology. Most people are generally aware of the common medical treatments, therapies and research associated with psychiatry. There are many more theoretical and therapeutic avenues than those other than what the public is usually aware of. Each, of the four main perspectives in psychology is ultimately divided by schools that are founded on different sets of assumptions regarding causes and effects of disorders and their treatments.   The main schools of thought are the psychodynamic, the behaviorist, the cognitive and the evolutionary.
The Psychodynamic Perspective
    The school of psychodynamics focuses on the interplay of the mental forces. It is said that humans have can have unconscious motives that underlie their true intentions. It is also said that the foundations of what was discovered rests on the evidence that people could be aware of their subconscious motivations while processing the things that affect their conscious thoughts that are related to their feelings, behaviors and intentions. Scientific studies show that psychodynamic perspective can reveal as to why a person’s actions are brought on by thoughts and feelings that would cause a reaction or a response in different situations.
    This school of study ultimately depends on the methods of the case studies that are performed to provide the necessary information that will clearly show them the evidence based on motivations. The theory of psychodynamics will tell us that the researcher will be able to collect the correct information based on the subject’s willingness to reveal the truth about themselves in their everyday actions.
The Behaviorist Perspective
    This school of study is also known as “behaviorism.” In this school of study behavior is observed and learned by the way it is shaped by the...

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