Foundations of Biological Functions Essay

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Research Assignment 1 The Foundations of Biological Functioning can be determined in many aspects. This research activity will explain in short terms the foundation of Psychology. Discussed secondly is the manner in which the nervous system is revealed. Lastly the consciousness in accordance with sleep is mentioned. Methods of explanation and manners of discovering or proving a hypothesis all play a major part in Psychology. The realm of psychology is based on four basic task elements; to describe, explain, predict, and influence behavior and mental processes. To acquire understanding from these elements, psychologist use methods such as the scientific method, which helps distinguish research challenges, creates a method to examine the challenge, gather and study information, make a hypothesis and discuss research. Also the SQ3R method can be used which allows personnel s to acquire information by using a more systematic tactic. Using these methods Psychologist contributed great numbers of knowledge to the field; such as Max Wertheimer, who was committed to Gestalt psychology. Such contributions lead to the discovery of the major schools of thought in psychology for example humanistic theories. Also discovered were the seven contemporary psychological perspectives (humanistic, behavioral, psychoanalytic, evolutionary, biological, cognitive and sociocultural) illuminating people’s behavior and thinking that have come from the major schools of thought. In such schools of thought psychologist are able to asses useful theories in terms of producing testable hypotheses and sensible solutions to challenges. "Introduction to Psychology," (pp.1-34) There are several ways in which the brain’s nervous system can be revealed. By using techniques like CT scans or EEG they are able to record brain activity and study what neurons do, how they transmit messages and the

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