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Foundations of Psychology PSY/300 University of Phoenix Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions such as those that affect an individual’s behavior in a given context. Psychology can also be described as the mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group. Psychology was originally brought to as a science that was individual from biology and philosophy. Psychology major theories are represented by different schools of thoughts. Structuralism and functionalism, behaviorism, psychoanalysis, humanistic psychology, Gestalt psychology, and cognitive psychology are a few of the major schools of thought in psychology. I am writing this paper to further discuss these schools of thought and will also identify the primary biological foundations of psychology linked to an individual’s behavior. The first school of thought in psychology is considered to be structuralism. The focus of this particular school of thought was to help breakdown an individuals mental thought and its processes to basic parts. Structuralism uses introspect to analyze the workings of the human mind and how it processes information. In contrast to structuralism, functionalism did not focus on breaking down the processes of the human instead it focuses on the role that these processes play. ("Major Schools Of Thought in Psychology ", 2007). Behaviorism is another major school of thought in psychology. Behaviorism at one time was considered to be the dominant school of thought during the mid 1900s. The major school of thought behaviorism suggests that there is an explanation for all types of behavior through environmental causes rather than by internal things like the brain. This type of thought is still used today by some. Behaviorism host a large amount of research involved. ("Major Schools Of Thought in Psychology ", 2007).

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