Foundation of Management Essay

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------------------------------------------------- ESSAY ONE Length 1000 words Mark Allocation 30 % Due Date Week 5 – References 4 Academic journals 1 text book (not the prescribed text) NO Websites Essay question: ------------------------------------------------- Discuss scientific management and the reasons why this management theory gained importance in the first place and more recently its application in modern organizations. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Use Fredrick Taylor’s theory and evidence from your research to support your ideas. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Provide evidence, theoretical analysis and refer to academic journals to support your essay discussion. You are required to address/discuss the following: * Define scientific management. * Discuss the principles of scientific management * Discuss the importance of scientific management and how it has helped change production. * Discuss modern day application of scientific management. What type of organisations use; how do they apply it ? How does it contribute to their success? Essay Name: Introduction | 1. Background Statement (justification to the topic) 2. Purpose of the essay 3. Structure of the essay (plan) | 20% | Body/discussion | 1. Definition and understanding of scientific management 2. Discussion of the original use of scientific management and its application during a period of huge change (industrial revolution) 3. Discuss the importance of scientific management during this time and how it helped to change production 4. Discuss the modern day application of scientific management. 5. What types of organizations use it and do you believe they

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