Foundation of Business Communication Essay

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Tiffany L. Wilson Unit 1: Foundations of Business Communications June 9, 2010 Unit 1: Foundations of Business Communications When dealing with emails in the business setting we find that one must be as professional as possible. We should think on a level that could be understood by any person no matter what region of the country or world a person lives in. Many people around the world does not know what the phrase “ASAP” mean because they have never been exposed to the phrases that many of us here in the United States have been exposed to. In saying this we should of course change the phrase to say something that anyone would be able to understand. An example would be to simply just spell out the phrase instead of using acronyms. To make this email audience-centered the email should take into consideration that everyone is not from the same area of the world and does not talk or speak the same way that he does. The email should read: I wanted first take the time and opportunity to welcome you to the company here in the United States. I do think that it is the right time for us to get together and meet in person than just continuing to conduct business over the long distance. It is very pleasing to have the opportunity to get to know each and every one of you. It will also be my pleasure to show you how great America will be for you. After showing my boss the revised email and doing much research on the differences between the two countries, I would talk it over with my boss and discuss his way of communicating with other people. He should again take in consideration that not everyone speaks the way that he talks and just because many people in the world speaks English that does not mean that everyone speaks the slang and language like many Americans. References Bovee, Courtland L. & Thill, John V. (2007). Excellence

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