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As the Thanksgiving holidays come to a close, I reflect back on this semester and see numerous benefits it has given me. My time at Samford will always be treasured in my heart. When I first arrived at Samford, I had only been in America for a few days. I was very scared and did not know what to expect in my classes. I believed that I would be able to make satisfactory grades if I would put forth my greatest efforts. Little did I know, I was about to be proven wrong. To begin with, I took Communication Arts. This class was probably the most beneficial class that I have taken while at Samford. Although I did not make excellent grades, I believe that the subject matter will help me in life. The speeches and essays taught me the value of writing and public speaking. Before I entered this class, I did not understand how important these two skills are in daily life. I now know that no matter what job I will possess in the future, I am sure to be making speeches and writing my opinions. Furthermore, I enrolled in Cultural Perspectives. This class was very engaging. I love to learn about what makes cultures different from each other. My teacher taught me many facts about different countries. Also, I leaned about different philosophers. The ideas of these men changed my way of thinking. Before the class, I was close minded, but now I see things with a different view. I believe that it is important to carefully consider the beliefs of others, as opposed to looking at things with a closed mind. In addition, I took animal biology. This was the most difficult class for me. The teacher was somewhat hard for me to understand. I know that this was neither the teacher’s fault nor my fault. If I had it to do over again, I would not have enrolled in this class. I have received only poor grades, which have significantly lowered my grade point average. At one point, I was even at

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