Foster Care Does More Harm Than Good

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Foster Care does more harm than good Foster Care is a system established to enhance the lives of children without stable homes to reside in. I have friends and associates that have been raised in an unstable institution, group home, or private foster care home. I don’t believe that all children that come from a foster care situation end up becoming delinquents to our society. I think most foster care children don’t feel loved and appreciated, this could be a result of why foster children don’t demonstrate much love and affection towards their foster parents. In this discussion I want my audience to understand how unstable our foster care system is these days. I also want to mention the greed of most foster parents and institutions. Some problems that traditional foster care approaches face, aging out affects foster youth in a variety of ways. People need to understand the social services agencies don’t care about the heritage, culture, and race of the opposing child and parent. The instability is becoming a very big issue in our foster care system. I heard stories of children who seem to only stay with their families for 3 or 6 months at a time or have been with 10 families in 5 years. In this situation children are being emotionally robbed of love, care and affection; children don’t feel the need to express their feelings and emotions to a stranger or a temporally parent. One good place for 3 years is much better than 10 families, good or bad, in those 3 years. One foster child lands and stays in a loving and stable home and then get switched for many different reasons. You can’t imagine number of reasons there are for children being moved from house to house! Some reasons for getting switched are because one child doesn’t along with another child, kids foster parents might be getting old and wanting to retire. I would think it's in a child's best interests
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