Fossil Fuels Essay

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Sulfur is an impurity in some fossil fuels. Explain how the presence of sulfur in fossil fuels can lead to damage to the environment and how the amount of damage can be reduced. Top Tips….. 1. This is an explain question so use point and explain to illustrate each point. 2. There are three parts to this question; explain how sulfur leads to damage, explain what the damage is and explain how it can be reduced. Do a point and explain for each part. 3. Use connectives to make your answer coherent and to gain those important SPAG marks. 4. Include 6 points. Key Information Needed – put into your own words. cause of acid rain• burning sulfur • produces sulfur dioxide • escapes into atmosphere• dissolves in rain water • forming acidic solution / sulfurous / sulfuric acid • falls to the ground as acid raineffect of acid rain• acidification of lakes • kills fish• kills trees / forests • damage / erosion of stonework reduction of damage• calcium carbonate • from limestone • may be converted into calcium hydroxide • waste gases from power stations • passed through carbonate or hydroxide • removing sulfur dioxide some of the above points could be made using word or symbol equations | The presence of sulfur can lead to damage to the environment and cause acid rain. Acid rain is formed when you burn sulfur which produces sulfur dioxide and dissolves in rain water. Next the rain water forms an acidic solution and produces acid rain. This will then make the lakes acidic damage the trees and kill the fish. To reduce the damage we can use calcium carbonate which is an alkali it can neutralize the lakes. Also calcium carbonate from limestone can be changed to calcium hydroxide and passed through the carbonates and remove sulfur dioxide.

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