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Humber College | Canadian Tire/ Forzani Group | Assignment one | Massimo Loiero (806-083-671) 5/15/2012 | Canadian Tire corporation is feeling threatened because of the large retailers from the states are talking about opening up in Canada. If a retailer like Dick’s sporting goods came into Canada they would cause a lot of problems in the long run for Canadian tire. Dicks is one of the United States largest sports stores. Canadian tire is using a more defensive strategy. They are preparing themselves just in case these large retail stores from the states make their way into Canada. By buying out Forzani chains they are setting themselves up for a broader market of sporting goods. Canadian Tire will also have an advantage because they are well known throughout Canada. By acquiring Forzani they have expanded their customer range and can focus to satisfy their needs in the sports market. Lately American company’s like Dick’s sporting Goods have seen Canada as open ground and been looking into expanding into Canadian markets. Canadian Tire wants to focus more on Canadian identity which is considered sports by many. Forzani owns many different big brand names in Canada like sports check, Atmosphere, Sport Mart, National Sports and Athletes World and also franchises under Sports Experts, Intersport, Tech Shop, Atmosphere, RnR, Hockey Experts, Nevada Bob’s Golf, "The Fitness Source", Pegasus, S3, and Econosports. With Canadian Tires purchase of Forzani they are putting up a defensive wall for any international company trying to compete in the Canadian market for sporting goods. This secures there position and market share in the Canadian markets. The reaction of the competitors will be to reinvent there strategies in expanding into Canada. Canadian Tire has become more of a threat after they bought out Forzani. The competitors will hold of in expanding

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