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1.0 INTRODUCTION Summary of the forum We were supposed to conduct a forum. Three panelists were invited to discuss comprehensively the matter which is “a dynamic economy needs a lower population growth”. During the session, the panelists had discussed various issues in terms of positive and negative side of it. The first panel had come out with ideas which are: 1.1 Relationship between economy and population. 1.2 Effects of rapid population growth on economic growth. 1.3 Population growth in developing country. The second panel suggested his ideas which are: 1.4 The importance of population in the development of economy. 1.5 The requirement of needed to sustain constant economic growth. 1.6 Concentration of a particular chosen area to be developed. The third panel proposed these points: 1.7 The increase in population will lead to the increase in social problems and crimes thus affecting the nation’s economy. 1.8 Migrants lead to rapid population growth and also more cash outflow from Malaysia. So, it will affect the value of Ringgit. 1.9 More people mean more liability to the government. During the forum, the panelists were discussed regards to those points. One panel did not agree with the topic and the other two panelists were more persuasive in supporting the topic. The forum ended after the moderator announced the end of the forum. 2.0. OPINION ON THE ISSUE With regards to the issue, “Dynamic economy needs a lower population growth” that had been discussed, no side is taken. Dynamic economy means the economy that is vibrant and competitive. Economic growth means the increase in average output per person, or GDP per capita. GDP (measured as goods and services bought and sold) may not capture home production and consumption, child/elder/sick care, or black market/informal sector activities (available at Economic

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