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Discussion on Fortune 500 Company YOUR UNIVERSITY Abstract In reading this you will see my thoughts on Fortune 500 companies and my assessment of their management’s commitments to the welfare of stakeholders. I will also touch base on if any legal or ethical misconduct was done and its affects, if any, it had on the stakeholders. Hopefully, you will find the writing to be enlightening. In beginning to take a look at one of the many Fortune 500 companies, I had to really sit back and review the list of the last years most admired companies. There were many to choose from and after careful review I choose the one that I felt meant the most to me, after all if I am to look into this and review a company I wanted to choose something that may impact not only myself but my family as well. In this, I mean I have a vested interest this company in several ways. First not only do I conduct business with this company but I also invest with them as well. This assignment gave me a chance to dig in to the weeds a little bit and see some of things I already knew and some that I really had no idea. Wells Fargo is currently ranked 23rd in the 500 list of top 100 down from previous ranking of 11 the prior year, the economy has been hard on everyone I suppose. Having annual revenue of a just a little over 93 million and showing a profit of 12.3 million. In as recent as March of 2010, after passing the Federal stress test and inspection/audit, the powers to be set their sights on you guessed it the shareholders of the company and show them some gratitude for hanging with the company. In doing this, the CEO of the company raised dividends and approved a stock rebuy option for the company to purchase some 200 million shares back for the company. Profits for the shareholders are up 9.8

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