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Forrest Gump Essay

  • Submitted by: zhangjiao
  • on June 2, 2012
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张姣 40904179                                     A Psalm of Life
    ----Hurry Wadsworth Longfellow
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is noted as the most popular and loved American poet of the nineteenth century. His famous poem A Psalm of Life is inspirational and classic in literature. This poem was written in the Romantic Era of American Literature, where salvation through nature was the primary theme for most Romantic poets. Longfellow's unique and genius use of metaphors, similes, and personification give A Psalm of Life its fascinating greatness. What's more, Longfellow's poetry and narrative works are lyrical with an easy rhythm, making them memorable and his use of figurative language allows the reader to envision the words as actions rather than pictures.
    Here is a glance in my point of this poem. The primary message of the poem is that “Life is beautiful”. This poem relates to the people from all walks of life. It is an epitome of Longfellow’s philosophy on life. It is brilliantly crafted, very simple words are used but their meaning is profound. In the poem, the poet made his voice of the life is short; instead, the art should be eternal. In this case, human should no fear of the death, but be always moving forward, to cherish the time and take every single opportunity met on the way. Also, Longfellow expressed that we should be brave of facing each challenge, no afraid of the unknown future nor waste time in doing the meaningless thinking, for human’s body would be grown old, but the spirit should always being moving forward to chase the original objection.
    As a classic and wonderful poem, A Psalm of Life owns beauties in sound. The poetry used the tetrameter trochee which leads the whole poet read rhythm and lively, and give person a kind of uplifting strength. The poem take the rhyme, for instance, “numbers” and “slumbers”; “dream” and “seem”, and “earnest” and “returnest”etc. There are 18 reims in total, which makes the whole poem read in a...

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