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Formulating Questions Grand Canyon University: EDA-577 May 28, 2014 Guiding Questions for School Improvement Team-Math Achievement Has a school leadership team been established? • Who are the members of the leadership team? • What are the qualifications and experience of the leadership team members? • Has leadership team established a collaborative working relationship? • Does the leadership team share a vision? • Does the vision represent input from all stakeholders? • Does the leadership team’s vision support the school’s mission? Who are we serving? • Has the leadership analyzed school wide academic data? • Has the leadership team analyzed demographic data? • Has the leadership team considered cultural, behavioral, and environmental data? • Does the analyzed data present an accurate picture of the school? What is the goal of the leadership team? • Who does the goal target? • Why was this group identified? • What data supports the identification of this group? • What subject does the goal address? • What specific subject stands is the focus of the goal? • What data supports the identification of the goal’s objectives? • How does the goal align to Common Core State Standards? • Which staff members will provide instruction and interventions to achieve the goal? • Has a common planning time been established for the staff members? The goal of the leadership team: • Eighty-five percent of students in third, fourth, and fifth grades will meet or exceed the standards in math. Indicators: • District end of the year math assessment • State Standardized Testing What is being measured? • What measurable data was analyzed? • What was the source of the data? (i.e.: PARCC, district assessment, CCSS pre/posttests) • Were multiple assessments measured? • What is the district’s mean score for the data sources

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