Forms of Government in Bangladesh Essay

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5.Forms of Government in Bangladesh? Forms of government in Bangladesh: Bangladesh has a Parliamentary Representative Democratic Republic. the Prime Minister is the Head of the Government The Executive Power is run by the Government and the Legislative Power is balanced without contingencies by both the Parliament and the Government. A new President is elected every five years, and is only a ceremonial figurehead who appoints a Prime Minister, someone who he shares close political ties and views. Bangladesh is rapidly changing from a dominant two-party system; BNP (Center-Right) and Awami League (Center-Left), to a very belief specific Liberation Movement. After a bloody struggle for liberation from Pakistan in 1971, Bangladesh was established as a parliamentary democracy. The country was under military rule for many years, but a democratically elected government was re-established in 1991.Parliamentary elections took place in 1996 and 2001, with a peaceful transfer of power. The major political parties are the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the Awami League, the Jatiya Party and the Jamaat-e-Islami Party. In late 2006 a caretaker government was put in place to ensure stability for the duration of the national election process. National elections are scheduled for December 2008. 13.Problems of Administration at different levels? At present, Good governance in Bangladesh is far from the actual consonance of the term. There are several factors and issues that are constraining the very process of good governance. The major factors are corruption, inefficiency of bureaucracy, politicization of administration, non-observance of the rule of law etc. The main issues and problems for ensuring good governance in Bangladesh are bellows: a) Corruption Corruption is a big obstacle in the way of good governance in Bangladesh. Corruption has

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