Forms Of Advertising Essay

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Various forms of advertising • Newspaper Advantages: • There is no limit in the size of advertisement. It can be from a full page to a small size advertisement on any page of the newspaper. • Newspaper reaches a wide range of people from rural to urban areas. • The advertisement in a newspaper can be read again and again by the reader. Disadvantages: • Cost for advertisement depends on the size of the advertisement. The larger the advertisement, the higher the cost. • Most newspapers use low quality paper which does not produce quality printing. • Organisations provide services find it difficult to advertise in newspaper as they can covey their service only through words and pictures in newspapers. • Ads in newspaper are only read once or may not be noticed by readers if it is small in size. • Newspaper has become out-dated now as people prefer to read from online publications available in the internet. • Magazines Advantages • Organisations find it easy to advertise depending on the type of magazine readers they prefer to attract. • Most readers prefer magazines compared to newspaper because magazines can be selected depending on the interest of the reader. • Small advertisements are noticeable in magazines as the pages are small. • Since good quality of paper is used in magazines, the print ads look more attractive compared to newspapers. Disadvantages: • Costs of advertising in magazines are higher than newspapers. • Advertisement should be designed in advance as there is a long lead time involved. • Most organisations prefer to advertise in magazines which might result in less chance for the advertisement to be noticed unless it is distinctively attractive. • Ad placement and format are limited compared to newspaper. • Radio Advantages: • Radio can be used travellers, at home and work as it is easily portable and

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