Formalist Analysis of "Home Burial" by Robert Frost

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Formalist Analysis of "Home Burial" by Robert Frost Buy custom Formalist Analysis of "Home Burial" by Robert Frost essay Introduction Robert Frost is widely known for his unique place in the history of American poetry and for his innovative vision of form and style. He broadened the horizons of the poetic word immensely turning it into the universal genre that could speak to the readers on a par with prose. Frost’s poetry is known for deep philosophical messages and having layers of meanings. That is why it is so interesting to the researchers who interpret his works. His poem “Home Burial” is outstanding because the author manages to turn it into a truly dramatic work that tells the story of a tragedy that a certain family faces. Speaking about the form of the poem, it is worth noting that it has two layers: the narrative and the dramatic one. The narrative layer enables the reader to find out the factual information that makes up the plot. The spouses, who live in the village, lose their only child, and the father buries him near the house in a home grave. The wife is desperate and inconsolable, she cannot stop grieving, and this distances her from her husband, who is seemingly more stable. Underneath this structure, the emotional action unfolds, which reveals the author’s message. Poem Analysis The structure of the poem is designed in the form of a dramatic dialogue with scarce author’s commentaries. This dialogue performs several functions: firstly, it sketches the plot, giving a flashback into the past; secondly, it draws a picture of the relationship between the husband and the wife. It also unveils the essence of their feelings and emotions related to the loss of their child and how this tragedy affected their life. The author’s comments are rare but they perform an important function by giving a view from the outside and revealing the features that
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