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Lloyd P Nov-12-2012 English Learning Process The internet, known as the world’s biggest source of information to some while books or reading articles are the source of information to others. Today’s generation have many learning factors but the role digital and print play isn’t very common , the purpose remains the same but the process isn’t relatively the same . Children in some cases often prefer digital learning as to learning by print. The experience I share with both concepts was to my comfort and how interested I was to learning by that concept. The ideal question is why children or people prefer one concept over the other? Is it because how they feel, the access they have, or just simply because they rather keep up with the time and age they are living in. The charms of Wikipedia essay provide us with enough information to determine how loaded the internet is with knowledge and information. A source where information is edited and uploaded for others to see within seconds. The way information is uploaded on Wikipedia is often incorrect or vandalized by others. Wikipedia can provide information you don’t have in print or access to just by a few clicks. In Superman and me, Alexie read books on any account he had the chance to. Reading from his house bookshelf, newspaper articles, cereal boxes, and milk cartons, anything he had the chance of reading he would read. That proves the access he has to reading and how willing and eager he was to reading. Games by Johnson talks about the positive and negative effects between the value of reading and playing video games (digital). He talks about these video games are simply holding people back from reading and improving their knowledge and at the same time implying these games also benefit hand eye coordination. What do these articles tell us? The access each individual has to either digital or print or

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