Formal and Informal Assessments

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Nicholas Paramo Formal and Informal Assessments Within the classroom there are many assessments that can be administered to students to gauge their overall performance within the classroom or to predict their performance in future subjects. Formal assessments are used for evaluation purposes and include standardized tests as well teacher-produced exams. Informal assessments are used by a classroom teacher to determine the level of a students' understanding. The two formal assessments I have chosen to examine is the standardized aptitude test and standardized achievement test. Aptitude tests usually measure knowledge of an individual that has already gained before taking a test. These tests measure academic knowledge in subjects such as Math, English language and literature, science and reading comprehension. ( Abari, Tonya, 2012) While both the achievement and aptitude test measure an individual's knowledge in a number of subjects, aptitude tests scores are often used as college and military criteria. Many aptitude tests are considered predictive, often times gauging how a student will preform in other subjects at higher levels of education. Lower grades use tests that are generalized, predicting overall performance over a range of learning areas, the higher the grade level, the more specific the test becomes to a particular subject area. ( Lebednik, Christine, 2012). Using the aptitude tests in predicting how well a student will be in a particular subject area is a great advantage, it allows the teacher to prepare and concentrate more of their effort on improving that student in the subject they are having the most difficulty with, so that it will be easier for them the higher the grade they go into. Another great advantage to the aptitude tests are that they test against the students and not against the state standards. This allows the
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