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April 25, 2013 Mr. Dale Bell Harley Davidson Office 37000 W Juneau Ave Milwaukee WI 53208 Dear Mr. Bell: As a junior sales associate I was doing some research on how to improve sales in our weakest areas. While doing research, I found that our competitor Harley Davidson has been attracting a significantly higher rate of female customers than us at BMW motorcycle. After reading the article the conclusion I made was that Harley Davidson is designing their products to meet a females demands in a motorcycle. Now and days every one is scarce with money and people aren’t willing to spend money on luxurious items. For instance, motorcycles are generally made for men to ride and have been designed as big burley bikes. However with the way to economy is going some men don’t have money for motorcycles but women do. This is where Harley Davidson saw an opportunity to stop loosing money and start promoting women’s products. With not as many men buying products Harley Davidson started producing more slim downed bikes for a female. Instead of giant motors and big handlebars they switched it up and designed bikes that were lower to the ground and easy to maneuver. They also came out with women’s apparel such as clothes, eyewear, and helmets. Changes that can help BMW The first step to solving this problem would be to put more of an effort into expanding women’s apparel. Just the basic products such as: Clothing. Clothing can be cheaply made and sold at a high dollar to make a great profit and it’s as easy as just creating women’s shirts or vest. Riding Gear. Creating a couple different styles of helmets to fit a women’s head and have some with sun visors and some with clear visors. Discount on special products. To start off your promotion of Women’s products it would be nice to give them discounts to encourage them to buy more. Also the buyer is

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