Forgotten Loyalist Essay

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Why have the Loyalists largely been forgotten in history? Do you believe they acted out of patriotism to Britain or out of self-interest? Explain. I think that Loyalists were mostly forgotten in history because they were on the losing side. At that time the Patriots questioned the authority of the crown and wanted to change the system of government from a monarchy to an equal government. The Loyalists were people either depended on the current form of government or wanted to prevent its change. The Patriots punished the Loyalists by burning their houses, and ridiculing them in public. I read also that they had a common practice of pouring tar over the Loyalists and putting chicken feathers on them and parading them around the towns. The Patriots also punished people that were even perceived to be Loyalists, so there was a lot of fear among people in deciding on which side they would be on. While the individualistic ideals of the Patriots won in the end, I believe that the Loyalists should not have been treated so unfairly because of their beliefs. Many loyalists defended the British Crown actively while others feared the repercussions of the Patriots by speaking out. The Loyalists came from different backgrounds. Some were influential members, religious leaders, commoners and slaves. I do not believe they all acted out of self-interest but perhaps some of them did because they benefited from the current system. Many slaves were offered freedom in turn for defending the Crown so these slaves may have been acting solely out of self-interest with the price of freedom hanging over their heads. Unfortunately because the loyalists were not the victors their beliefs and ideals were considered unjust and they were shunned. References The Loyalists. (n.d.). Retrieved August 20, 2014, from

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