Forgiving Essay

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There was a time where I thought I was the coolest person around. I was cool with different cliques and mostly hung out with the guys. I was not the nicest person alive, but I particularly remember a time where I was not very nice to one of my closer friends. It happened during the 7th grade. She had a crush on a friend of mine who was like a brother to me. What I decided to do was play with her feelings, something, that to this day, I still don’t know how she forgave me for. Let’s begin with the history of it all. My friends name is Valeria. We have known each other since kindergarten. She was in love with this kid named Nicholas since the day they met. This was around the 1st grade. I started to get to know him around 5th grade when he joined the same soccer club I was in (which was an all guys team, me being the only girl). He became like a brother to me and we grew close. He had always known about the crush she had on him, and strongly disliked it, which to this day I don’t know why. By the time we got to middle school he thought she stopped liking him, which she didn’t. He asked me about it and I told him the truth, that she still had strong feelings for him. He was surprised and still didn’t like the idea of her liking him. He always wondered when she would stop liking him or how he can make her stop liking him. This is where I and a few others came into play. Now, I am not proud of the idea I came up with, but at the time I thought it was brilliant. The idea/plan was for him to fake date her, break up with her and then tell her it was all fake. When I came up with this plan and told him, he was skeptical about it at first. He didn’t see how it would work. I told him that by dating her and ending it she wouldn’t want him anymore. She would be heartbroken, hate him for what he did, and move on. Once I explained it, he saw what I was talking about
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